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Trump Could Effect Home Prices and Real Estate Activity

It is finally over.

Donald Trump is set to become the 45th president of the United States

It is safe to say that this recent US election was one of the most polarizing and emotionally charged of our time.

Trump’s Effect on Real Estate

Regardless of the diverse opinions, only time will tell how this will affect real estate, the average American, the US economy, and us Canadians since we are their largest trading partner with a closely linked economy.

Will there be a flood of Americans coming to buy up Canadian real estate? Most would agree that we probably shouldn’t be holding our breath for any large exodus out of the US. Will the new administration tear up NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement)? Many suggest that NAFTA would be renegotiated which might actually be a good thing for Canada.

Stimulating the Economy

Mr Trump had mentioned during his campaign his intentions to stimulate the US economy by spending on infrastructure and by other means. That would have an inflationary effect which has already led to rising bond yields causing the big banks to start raising fixed term mortgages since fixed term mortgages are tied to bond prices. Thankfully I have access to a variety of lenders other than the traditional banks.

Real Estate and Your Mortgage

With the recent mortgage rule changes combined with uncertainty in the bond markets, this could definitely have an effect on home prices and real estate activity over the short term. Now is the time to make sure you have the best mortgage strategies in place considering the uncertain market.

As your mortgage professional, I’m always looking at the changing mortgage environment and have the knowledge on what options exist.  Call or email me today and let me help you make the right choices for you.


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New Listing: 1473 Vernon Dr Gibsons – Large Family Home with Room to Grow

1473 Vernon Drive Gibsons Sunshine Coast BC

1473 vernon drive gibsons bc Sunshine Coast BC

Large family home on sunny ½ acre with gorgeous views of the Georgia Straight.

Room to grow with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms with the downstairs bedroom perfect for home office.

Master on the main, gas fireplace and large open concept living/dining/kitchen space with high ceilings offers convenience and comfort.

Relax and entertain on your large cedar wraparound deck just off the gourmet kitchen or hang out downstairs in the second living room with gas fireplace and patio to the back yard.

Craftsman details and modern amenities mix to create unique living in this fully remodelled home. Quartz counter tops, gas range, solid oak floors, French doors, hot water on demand, steam washer and dryer, spa bathroom and ensuite boast in-floor heating, marble tile, double vanity and soaker tub.


millennial home buyers dream about owning a home in greater vancouver area

7 Questions Every Home Buyer Should Ask

What is my primary use for the home – what key features and benefits do I require from my new home and neighbourhood?

Ask yourself, “What do I want to do with my home?”

Generally, home buyers use a home as a primary or secondary residence or as an investment property.

Do you work from home? Will clients and associates visit you at your home office? Maybe you will only use the home on weekends and in the summer. Perhaps your primary use for the property to earn income.

A fully fenced backyard may be important for dog owners and families with young children. Walkability is a big benefit especially in urban areas where walking to work and school are lifestyle choices. Retirees often consider the distance to health care and shopping. Privacy, access to waterfront and recreation are other considerations.

When you ask yourself these questions the type of home and property you want to purchase becomes clear to both yourself and your REALTOR®.

How and why should I prepare for a mortgage?

Getting pre-approved for a mortgage is a process that home buyers who need financial help buying a home have to go through with a mortgage broker, credit union or bank.

Be proactive and get the ball rolling before you start looking for a home. This shows your lender, REALTOR® and home sellers that you are serious about buying a home and you have a solid idea of what you can afford and that you are looking at homes within your budget.

To get pre-approved for a mortgage you will need:

  • proof of income like income tax statements or financial statements if you are self-employed,
  • list of assets (RRSP, vehicles or boats, other investments, other real estate holdings) and
  • liabilities (credit card debt, student loans, car loans, child support) and photo identification.

From there your mortgage broker will look for the best deal that fits your budget taking into account monthly expenses things like property tax, home improvements, heat and hydro and of course your mortgage payment and mortgage insurance, if applicable.

Get pre-approved for a mortgage and stand out from the crowd as a home buyer.

Are the municipal zoning and strata by-laws in-line with my primary purpose for buying the home?

it is your responsibility, along with your REALTOR®®’s help, to check the municipal and provincial zoning and in some cases strata by-laws for the home you want to buy.

Let’s say for example you want to run a B&B from you home. You go ahead with the purchase and then find out after closing that the zoning or the strata doesn’t allow for short-term rentals. You end up without the income you thought you could get from the property and now you are short on the monthly mortgage payments.

Easily avoid disappointment by asking the right questions at the local municipal hall.

Or, here’s another scenario… You purchase an acreage property with a home in the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR). Your idea is to build another home to use a long-term rental income but you later find out that because the home is in the ALR you are restricted to one home.

Again, you are short on your monthly mortgage payment because of the loss of expected income from the second home.

More commonly, homeowners who work from home, in most cases, fit perfectly into municipal zoning as home occupation.

Always ask questions at every level of government to confirm your ideas for the use of the property fit into zoning and bylaws of the area.

What are the current local values of homes in the area I want to buy?

It always a good idea to be aware of what other homes in your desired neighbourhood have recently sold for as an indicator of current market value.

Your REALTOR® should be able to give you a well-rounded representation of sale price, Housing Price Index (HPI), sales volume, days on market and sales success ratio to provide a holistic view of market activity at any one time.

What should I include in my offer to buy the home?

Your desired price is the first thing you want to negotiate. Keep in mind your other monthly and bi-weekly expenses.

Next, you want your desired move in and closing dates that ideally line up with moving out of your current home.

Then, conditions of the sale, things like home inspection, financing approval, review and approval of strata documents, etc.

Inclusions and exclusions – items of importance to you that are part of the home and property such as washer and dryer, light fixtures and affixed mirrors.


In a busy real estate market where multiple offers are the norm a personal letter or video saying telling your story about why this is the home for you may go a long way to win over a home seller and touch their heart. We’ve seen this happen where a young family won out with a lower price and many conditions because the buyer reminded the seller of when they were first starting out with their young family. Stories are powerful and persuasive.

What costs, other than the purchase price of the home, should I prepare for?

When it comes to buying a home nobody wants any costly surprises!

The following are costs that one can generally expect to pay as part of the process of buying a home. Service and price can vary, be sure to ask about what you’re paying for and how much.

  • Home, septic and pest inspection,
  • conveyancing including adjustments – performed by your lawyer or notary,
  • title insurance, fire and home insurance,
  • home appraisal (usually paid by the mortgage lender – be sure to ask),
  • mortgage fees,
  • renovations, short- and long-term home repairs and improvements,
  • property transfer tax, foreign home buyers tax, Goods and Services Tax (GST) on brand new construction, newly subdivided land and services and moving costs.

Keep these costs in mind when crunching your numbers and avoid any unpleasant surprises.

How and when should I start preparing for the move?

Mental preparation is half the battle of preparing for a big move.

With a positive mindset and a support of friends and family you’re on your way to a smooth move.

One to two months before your desired move-in date is an excellent time to start packing. Start with seasonal items like clothing and recreational gear moving onto wall hangings, books and knick-knacks. Leave must have items like clothing and personal items to the last day.

Moving is an excellent occasion to go through your “stuff” and get rid of unwanted or rarely used items.

stacking firewood for winter in sechelt on the sunshine coast bc

Attached Homes the Bright Spot in the Sunshine Coast Real Estate Housing Market

Strong winds and heavy rains landed on the Sunshine Coast settling us firmly in the fall season. Generally, the Sunshine Coast real estate market is up over 2015 in price and volume but edged down in activity since the late spring and early summer. The bright and busy spot in the market is the attached market.

Residential property sales dropped slightly this October with sales totaling 78, down 15% over the same period last year, while total dollar volume of $$35,150,375 remains steady. The sales success ratio of 13% is up slightly from last year.

Sellers, investors and owners take heart, the average price of a residential property grew by 17% to $450,645.

Inventory levels dropped a whopping 37% totaling 604 properties for sale and 98 newly listed homes for sale making the housing market competitive for home buyers on the Sunshine Coast.


Detached Home Sales

Detached home sales for the month of October on the Sunshine Coast settled at $23,467,852. Unit sales totalled 43. Again, overall the detached market went down 30% compared to September.

The average price of a detached home fell 15% to $545,764.

Competition was up for home sellers with the number of homes for sale totalling 292 units and 51 new homes listed for sale. Sales success ratio held steady at 15%.

Year-to-date sales for detached homes in October totalled $500,309,673 with 868 detached homes sold.


Condo, Townhome and Apartment Sales

Condo, townhome and apartment sales for the month of October on the Sunshine Coast totaled $6,908,523 down 22% over last month with 17 units sold.

The number of active attached homes for sale remained even at 58 units with a sale success ratio of 29%, a boon for condo sellers.

Average price of an apartment, condo and townhome on the Sunshine Coast BC leapt once again 55% to $437,591 with the sale of a $1M+ sale at the George Gibsons Marine Resort and Residences.

Year-to-date sales volume increased 12% to $65,626,890 over last year with 206 units sold.


Land-Only Sales

Overall, the Sunshine Coast land-only real estate market continues on a steep decline for the third month in a row contrasted by an overall increase in activity when compared to the same period last year.

Sales volume dropped 38% to $4,774,000 with 18 units sold. Similarly, the average price of bare-land property dropped 28% to $265,222 with a sales-success ratio of 7%.

Year-to-date sales more than doubled to $97,531,119 a 128% increase over the same time last year. Unit sales so far this year were 353.



Housing market activity on the Sunshine Coast remains positive overall with big gains (approx. 25%) over last year but has taken the usual dip in activity with the onset of fall.

The market will seasonally pick up the pace in the new year.

Sellers, remain confident – home buyers looking for a home this time of year are serious buyers (who wants to venture out in the rain and cold?!)

Buyers, prices are down slightly and we expect a seasonal rise in home values in spring 2017. Now is a good time to invest in your long-term future.



Timing, pricing and location are the biggest factors in how quickly a property will sell in a busy market like the Sunshine Coast BC.

Speak with a REALTOR® licensed in your area to gain insights into current real estate market activity in your neighbourhood.

For all your real estate buying, selling and investment needs on the Sunshine Coast BC contact Russ Qureshi and his team at




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