House Portraits by Katharine Dickinson, Artist

Create a lasting image of your home
with a custom house portrait.

Katharine Dickinson - House Portraits

Katharine Dickinson – House Portraits

Katharine Dickinson is an award-winning artist with over 20 years experience. Through her painting, she captures the vitality and likeness of her subjects in a fresh, innovative way. Katharine is a professional artist, illustrator and portrait painter who specializes in both traditional painting and digital techniques.

UNDER-TREE_Katharine Dickinson

Under Tree, Katharine Dickinson

She began her journey as an artist at a young age. Her colourful and energetic work is display in homes and galleries in Europe, North America and Australia including London, New York, Toronto and Vancouver.

Pencil Portrait, Katharine Dickinson

Pencil Portrait, Katharine Dickinson

Katharine currently works from her studio in beautiful Vancouver, BC.

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